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Featuring Romeo, Sienna, Iclyn, Ebany, Rustka & Raynar

The heat was almost unbearable. It made the ground sizzle in waves, and the sun would bake and burn the hair on their backs as they tried to stand in the shade. The water in the small pond on Romeo's land had claimed had all but dried up, meaning their only water source was the small stream running down the valley. Romeo guarded this dripple of water fiercely, keeping it for himself and his most favoured mare. And their foal. The copper coloured filly was now up on her feet and using them to canter and leap over, so she had earned herself her father's love and attention like she deserved.

Late at night, the air sometimes carried the smell of smoke, and Romeo would call his mares together whenever he caught the scent. Smoke meant fire, and fire meant death. Fire would lick at the dead grass like a starved animal, and could engulf a large space within seconds. Depending on the type of grass or tree, the smoke would turn black with a poisonous taste and ash would flicker on the wind which fed the beast. 

Ebany would tell stories through the nights to help bear the heat. Since the young filly's asked so many questions, she was happy to oblige to their pleas. Sometimes they were scary for the young ones, but there was always a lesson to be learnt. 

"The year I was born, it was a year of extremes. In the spring, there was so much green grass that half of my mothers herd ate so much that they became sick. They would roll in the long grass and twist their bodies to ease the pain, and three mares twisted so much they couldn't stand anymore. They passed away, and without their mothers, three foals were left without nutrition. One didn't live to see the end of the season." 

"With summer, came the death of all that grass. The heat swelled, like it is now, and the clouds that floated past the sun evaporated leaving us in the full glare. Sometimes, every few days at night, the sky would grow dark and the roar of thunder would echo through your bones and make you shudder. Lightning would flash and strike the ground, throwing sparks and awakening the beast. The beast would open an eye, slowly, with just a flicker of orange on the horizon. They it would open it's mouth, baring it's teeth and eating everything in it's path. Ash would be spit out, and if a curious foal got too close, then the ash would fall on his back and face, burning the foal and making his fur and skin burn. He survived, but the burned scarred his coat for the rest of his life."

This made the foals gasp, alerting the stallion to the stories.

"Enough. No more of your tall tales."

The dark coloured mare looked and the dun mare next to her, and pulling both foals close as the morning light brushed the horizon. 

In the Heat of It
Word Count: 503

Previous Prompt:
Rustka is healing! For her to be better, you must draw one additional images; fully healed.

Random Event!: Sienna stumbles across a deposit! She guides the foals to help her unearth it to reveal 7 additional Minerals. 

Minerals Earned: 44 Minerals

+51 Minerals Total
105 Raynar | Romeo's Harem | PMPRG by LiddleCherry
105 Raynar | Romeo's Harem | PMPRG


Name: Raynar
ID #: 105
Breed: Mustang
Sex: Mare
Stallion: #44 Romeo

[Acquired Where?] - [Design Approval Thread] 

Genotype: ee/aa/Dd/Ff
Phenotype: Red Dun (carries Flaxen)
Eyes: Normal
Mapping: N/A
Face: Stripe
FR: Half Stocking
FL: Half Stocking
HR: Half Stocking
Special: Medium barring.


Lineage: Second Gen / #44 Romeo X 077 Sienna

Art Log:
A2530 TR Akeldama by LiddleCherry
A2530 TR Akeldama

A2530 TR Akeldama


General Information:

Registered Name: TR Akeldama
Name Meaning: Field of Blood
Nickname: Hemo
Registry Number: A2530
Age: 3 years
Gender: Stallion
Breed: :devnordanner:
Height: 16.1 hh
Build: Medium - Light
Coat Color: Sooty Grullo Bloodsplash
Genotype: Ee aa nD nSty nBsh
Eyes: Brown
Potions: None Yet
Discipline: Liberty, Halter 


Personal History: A very amazing gift from the lovely earthbae

Personality: ---


------------------------------------------ SSS: unknown
----------------- SS: unknown
------------------------------------------ SSD: unknown
Sire: 493 Thorodan :trophy: :skull:
------------------------------------------ SDS: unknown
----------------- SD: unknown
------------------------------------------ SDD: unknown

------------------------------------------ DSS: unknown
----------------- DS: WTR Hades #700 :trophy:
------------------------------------------ DSD: unknown
Dam: 7592 AS Xena
------------------------------------------ DDS: Cantabrian 1430*****
----------------- DD: 1767 JK Born into Brutality :trophy:
------------------------------------------ DDD: Shyia 98 :trophy: :skull:

DDSS: Vindsvalur 471**
DDSD: 123 OMistress Mine :trophy:

Related to Bsh Starters: Shiya 98 & Hades 700

Kaaring: 19 kaaring


Everyone on this breeding list must sign my Breeding Rules found at Tui-Ridge. Your slot will not be marked as usuable until you agree to the rules. 

Bullet; Red = Cannot be Used | Bullet; Green = Can be Used 

1 - Bullet; Red luckdown  to Unknown → Unknown
2 - Bullet; Red AhernStables to Unknown → Unknown
3 - Bullet; Green LiddleCherry to Unknown → Unknown
4 - Bullet; Green LiddleCherry to Unknown → Unknown
5 - Bullet; Green LiddleCherry to Unknown → Unknown
6 - Bullet; Green LiddleCherry to Unknown → Unknown
7 - Bullet; Red earthbae  to Unknown → Unknown
8 - Bullet; Red @ to Unknown → Unknown
9 - Bullet; Red @ to Unknown → Unknown
10 - Bullet; Red @ to Unknown → Unknown

Foal Design:

Design, Art & Character (C) LiddleCherry 2015
106 Rustka | Romeo's Harem | PMRPG by LiddleCherry
106 Rustka | Romeo's Harem | PMRPG


Name: Rustka
ID #: 106
Breed: Mustang
Sex: Mare
Stallion: #44 Romeo

[Acquired Where?] - [Design Approval Thread] 

Genotype: ee/aa
Phenotype: Chestnut
Eyes: Normal + Party Normal/Hazel
Mapping: N/A
Face: Interrupted Stripe
FR: Sock
FL: Partial Coronet
HL: Half Sock
Special: N/A


Lineage: Second Gen / #44 Romeo X 078 Iclyn

Art Log:



Artist | Student | Digital Art
New Zealand
Welcome to my profile!
I love art and animals. I don't bite HARD, so feel free to talk to me or anything. I really like giving pieces of art to other people, so be nice and you may recieve a little gift!! (:

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