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Detailed Fullbody
One detailed fullbody of your horse of choice. Can include a rider/dragontack/training for extra 100-150 :points:.

Can also be animated for extra 50 points.

High quality, will be shaded and have full detailed background.
Detailed Headshot
One detailed, shaded head shot of your choice of horse. May be animated if you wish.

Please note me before you order, so I can tell you how much to pay - will depend on complexity, animation etc.


Hi everyone! I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a awesome holiday!

Just a quick little update from me, I'm going away for two weeks without internets and technology, so I will not be online and checking messages and things. However, the always lovely Mishranna will be babysitting my account, and keeping an eye on things and anything that arises.

I just wanted to give a headsup to everyone I owe Kaaring payments to:
Owlvis (I'll work on the commission when I get back)

I have not forgotten the art I owe you! I will be trying to work on it traditionally while I am away, and I think I have already started something for everyone! Let me know if you are not ok waiting that long for the kaaring because that is fine!

I also want to check with Catzei - could you note me when A1153 Dauntless Waves ownership transfer goes through/when you send it? That would be great :3

Thank you everyone, and I looke forward to catching up with you all in the New Year!
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This looks like way to much fun to pass up!

Tagged by EmeraldTheWolf and I tag whoever hasn't done this yet!


Question One:
Who is your favorite newest
 Nordanner? [from 2 months ago at the latest].
Oooh this hard! I would have to say my new PwlPwl filly A1294 who hasn't got a name yet, but is already a firm favourite of mine!

Question Two:
If you had to choose one Nordanner as the lead horse for Santa's sleigh, WHO WOULD IT BE?!
731 Fiore d'Argento of course! My only Starter, and the fist Nord I have at 200!

Question Three:
Shall we set up a sleigh for Santa now? List ALLEVERYLASTONEOFTHEMHOLYCRAPWHATAHUGESLEIGHYOUHAVE of your Nordanners in order from lead horse to the end. Here is a diagram for you!
and my crappy example! 

              | Eowyn  -- | Haru   -- | G-Dragon  (         )
Zolomir --                                                   SLEIGH
              | Maiden -- | Queen -- | Jiyong       (         )
Draw your sleigh and gain +10 raffle tickets!!!

Oh god I have a lot of Nords. Fiore would lead, then her two daughters Rosa and Petal, then my handsome silver boys Perak and Heartstone. Then I think it would be Doll and Hints, then Kiwi and Cavallino, Thaw and Sahara, and lastly Danza and Snakebite! Gosh so many!

              | Rosa  -- | Perak -- | Doll -- | Cavallino -- | Thaw ---- | Danza      (         )
Fiore --                                                                                                SLEIGH
              | Petal -- | Heart --- | Hints -- | Kiwi ------ | Sahara -- | Snakebite (         )

Question Four:
Which of your Nordanners reminds you the most of Christmas? [or of the holidays around this time? c:]
Fiore! She was my first Nordanner, and I won her in a Newbie Christmas Event so she represents Christmas and giving for me!

Question Five:
Which of your Nordanners is the scrouge?! [uh oh, someone's getting coal this year!]
Ooh that's hard! It would have to be A1195 Six Feet Under The Stars, who is a little meany! No presents or cuddles for him!

Question Six:
Which of your Nordanners enjoys candy canes the most?
3689 Piccola Rosa! She loves peppermints as well, and will go steal them from pockets!

Question Seven:
Will there be any Christmas foals this year? Eyes if so, do tell!
Oh yes! I have like 16 foals planned, plus the few I have already! Lots of new babies for Liddle this year! But they will be more New Year babies than Christmas haha XD

Question Eight:
Alright, who ate all the mistletoe? :shifty:
5685 Cavallino of course!

Question Nine:
Imagine one of your Nords is a scratch+sniff, what flavor/smell are they?
3678 Petalo d'Oro would smell like Lavender I think!

Question Ten:
Which of your Nordanners has seen the most Christmases/Holidays?
Oooh this is also hard, Fiore has been with me the longest, but 2665 Dropping White Hints has the earliest ID other than Fiore.


[you will only receive tickets in this section if you do the drawings, but you are encouraged to answer them with text as well <3]
Scenario One:
Two of your Nords are under the mistletoe. 
[Draw them in the scenario and gain +2 raffle tickets]
Cavallino and Kiwi!!

Scenario Two:
One of your Nords has just been found opening their gifts before xmas!!! 
[Draw your guilty Nordanner for +2 raffle tickets]
OMG! Six Feet Under The Stars was naughty and got all the other foals to open their presents!

Scenario Three:
Your Nordanner LOVES the snow.
Your Nordanner HATES the snow.
[Draw them enjoying or hating the snow for +2 raffle tickets]
Laced Lily Loves the snow but Sahara hates it with a passion!

Scenario Four:
Some of your Nordanners have gathered together to sing you your favorite xmas/holiday song!
[Draw them singing for +2 raffle tickets]
Naww, all of them would do that!

Scenario Five:
I don't think your Nordanner likes Santa very much....
[Draw them.... doing whatever you think they would do with this xD for +2 raffle tickets]


Rhyme One:
It's that time of year
Filled with so much cheer
I don't know how
I'm going to finish all this beer.

Rhyme Two:
Black Friday sales
with big hay bales
eat it up
Before it goes stale idk

Rhyme Three:
Leave the cookies out
For Santa's route
He'll bring you gifts
It's not a myth!

He's big and jolly
filled with milk and holly
His reindeer can fly
Watch them as they pass by!

Rhyme Bonus:
make up your own xmas/holiday rhyme! for +2 raffle tickets!

You've been naughty all year
so here's the scoop,
All you get for a gift dear,
is some Reindeer Poop!

Lol. I funny.

I tag whoever is reading this and hasn't done it yet (Mishranna) as it's funny
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Welcome to my profile!
I love art and animals. I don't bite HARD, so feel free to talk to me or anything. I really like giving pieces of art to other people, so be nice and you may recieve a little gift!! (:

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LiddleCherry has started a donation pool!
100 / 500
I would really love some points so I would be able to buy some sdoptables, breeding spots etc. Any donations will be greatly appreciated and may make me give you a piece of gift art!!!

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